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Motorcycle riding has its dangers. You’re 30 times more likely to be injured in a motorcycle accident than you are driving a car. Protective clothing is really important, especially a jacket.

So when choosing a jacket, whether that be leather or some other protective material for your upper body, make sure its got the key ingredients. It’s not going to fall apart as soon as you fall over. The last thing you want is it looks good and then you hit the ground and it rips all your skin open. Price is an important part of the choice but there are a lot of different varieties you can choose.

When I ride I make sure I’ve got ample back protection, elbow protection and shoulder protection and the material is actually going to last for a few seconds if I were to crash.



Helmets in my view are the most critical point of riding protection.

There’s a whole variety of different helmets you could use but the key ingredient is to have one that fits correctly. The last thing you want is a loose fitting helmet or a helmet that doesn’t meet the standards.

So you need an Australian approved motorcycle helmet and your local dealer will be able to direct you into the right helmet and the right style for what day to day riding requires.

Without a doubt a helmet is the key ingredient for keeping yourself safe on the street.


Protecting your hands is critical

Protective gloves



Legs are one of the more exposed parts for a rider in any accident involving a motorcycle.

It's important that you choose some good leather protection, which is what I would personally use but if you’re going to wear jeans then choose a kevlar jean, they’re quite good as well.

Essentially if you’ve just got you’re normal denim jeans, when you hit the ground they will actually just disintegrate. They won’t give you any protection whatsoever.

You wouldn’t go out in your underwear, and that's essentially what you’re doing in a pair of denim jeans.

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