Adelaide Cup Long Weekend

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is appealing to the community to stay safe on the roads this long weekend. 

MAC community engagement manager, Matt Hanton said a long weekend free from fatalities and serious injuries is possible if everyone takes responsibility when they get behind the wheel.

“On this same weekend last year two people lost their lives on our State’s roads and a further 11 were seriously injured,” he said.

“If you’re using this weekend as an opportunity to take a road trip, it’s not a good idea to set out on your long weekend journey immediately after work.

“Fatigue is a major cause of crashes leading to death and serious injury and even a momentary loss of concentration can be catastrophic on high speed country roads.   

“Make sure you’re well rested, and ensure you can take a break from driving for at least 15 minutes every two hours – if you drive tired, you’re not only putting yourself at risk, you’re putting others at risk too. 

“Country and long distance driving increases the opportunity to become fatigued or distracted and tempts many to travel over the speed limit to try and get to their destination quicker. 

“For those opting to stay closer to home and instead use the weekend to head into the city and make the most of the Fringe or WOMADelaide, make sure you plan how you’re getting home safely.

“If your weekend is going to involve drugs or alcohol, simply don’t drive.

“Road safety is a shared responsibility and achieving a long weekend free of fatalities and serious injuries requires everyone to work together. If we all play our part we can reduce the road toll and get home safety.”