Road safety campaign to Keep the Bromance Alive

Keep the Bromance Alive is the new message from the latest Motor Accident Commission regional road safety campaign.

Starting on Valentine’s Day, the new advertisements share messages about three key road safety issues in regional South Australia - speeding, drink driving and seatbelts.

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said that fatalities on regional roads were overrepresented in the State’s road toll.

“Last year 68 per cent of fatalities in South Australia occurred in rural areas – 73 of 108 death s– and that is completely unacceptable,” Minister Piccolo said.

“In December alone, there were 16 fatal crashes in SA and 11 of those were in rural areas resulting in 15 deaths.

“In addition, 61 per cent of serious injury crashes last year occurred in rural areas.

“The Keep the Bromance Alive campaign is not just targeting people who live in rural areas but also those who travel on regional roads.”

Shot in the Adelaide Plains township of Mallala, with locals cast in starring roles, the new television commercial will air on regional and metropolitan television.

MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said a community effort was required to reduce road trauma.

“All road users share a responsibility to help make our roads safer,” Mr Cornish said.

“Our research shows that one of the most important values in country towns is mateship.

“This campaign leverages that mateship with humorous language to grab attention and share a serious message.

“We want to encourage mates to speak up when they see another mate about to make a bad driving decision by giving them some examples of how they can do that.”

The commercial can also be viewed on the MAC website home page