Slow down before things get HAIRY

‘There’s nothing normal about speeding’ is the latest message from the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) as part of a new road safety campaign.

Starring the Hairy Fairy, a fictional character who helps drivers recognise moments when they may be tempted to speed and encourages the avoidance of situations that could ‘get hairy’.

Road Safety Minister, Pete Malinauskas said speeding is one of the major killers on South Australian roads and many people underestimate the increase in crash risk and injury severity that comes from even low-level speeding.


In 2015, speed was a contributing factor in 30% of fatal crashes, consistent with the five year average (30%, 2010 – 2014).


MAC Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Chia said research has shown low-level speeding is considered to be extremely common among both regional and metropolitan drivers, but the reality is that most South Australians drive at or below the speed limit most of the time.


“This campaign challenges the notion that low-level speeding is a common, safe and time saving behaviour.


“The majority of people make an effort to stick to the speed limit, however the proportion of drivers who aren’t doing the right thing continue to have a big impact on road safety and their attitudes and driving behaviour need to change.


“Low-level speeding has not seen the same degree of cultural change as other road safety issues such as drink driving and seatbelts.


“Just as driving under the influence increases your likelihood of a crash, each 5km/h over the speed limit in 60km/h zones doubles your crash risk” said Mr Chia.


The campaign will air on television, radio and digital channels, as well as featuring on bus backs, bus stops and regional billboards across the state.


2017 SANFL Community Football Competition


2017 SANFL Community Football Competition

Through its partnership with the South Australian Community Football League (SACFL) MAC has supplied each SACFL club an allocation of MAC branded ticket books, which are to be used for SACFL club fundraising raffles during the 2017 season.
These tickets each contain a unique entry code, allowing ticket buyers to enter the second chance draw.
At the end of the 2017 season one person will win $500 cash and the SACFL club the ticket was purchased from will win $3000 in sporting equipment.
Each ticket contains a different code. One entry per ticket.
Entries will remain in the system until the competition closes on 31st August 2017. The winner and winning club will be drawn on the 8th September 2017 and notified by telephone. The winners will also be announced on MAC’s Facebook page and website. See terms & conditions for further information.