Your Christmas regional driving tips

With 10 until Christmas Day, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has released a set of safety reminders that could help avoid fatalities and serious injuries on South Australian roads this festive season.

MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said the road safety tips, developed in consultation with the heavy vehicle industry, were particularly important for those people driving longer distances to celebrate with family and friends.

“For many motorists, the Christmas period means driving on unfamiliar regional roads and driving amongst heavy vehicles,” Mr Cornish said.

“We would urge South Australian road users to be patient and think of their safety, their loved ones and others on the road.

“Together with the South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA), these Christmas regional driving tips will be helpful to ensure you give your loved ones the best gift of all – your safe arrival.”

SARTA Executive Director Steve Shearer urged motorists to share the road safely with trucks and to only overtake when they could see far enough ahead on the road.

“Get well ahead before you come back into the lane – don’t cut in right in front of a truck,” Mr Shearer said.

Christmas driving tips:

  1. For road trips, plan your route to take in rest stops – you’ll need to refresh for at least 15 minutes every two hours.
  2. Cut down on distraction by switching off your mobile phone.
  3. If you plan to have some Christmas drinks, don’t take the car. As the new MAC Drink Drive campaign reminds us – Drink Driving? Grow up. Have a designated driver, or plan to stay at your Christmas party overnight.
  4. Secure any loose items in your vehicle so they do not become missiles if you need to brake suddenly.
  5. Overtaking vehicles – try to use overtaking lanes when passing, it’s the safest option.
  6. Only overtake trucks when you can see well ahead and make certain you have plenty of room to overtake safely. If travelling below the legal speed limit maintain your speed and don't accelerate when being overtaken, especially by trucks which are generally speed-limited to 100km/hour.
  7. Do not dart in front of trucks when approaching traffic lights. Heavier vehicles need a greater distance for braking. Give trucks plenty of room as they need it to stop safely.

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