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Be Safe Be Seen

Be Aware

Ride Smart

The blind spot of a driver is a vulnerable position for a bike rider.

Position yourself on the road where drivers are most likely to see you. Remember that larger vehicles have larger blind spots.

Try to establish eye contact with motorists. It will let you know if they have seen you or not. Never assume you have been seen.

Ride defensively. Ride carefully when positioned next to a car as this is a vulnerable spot. The car might turn left into a side street without checking for riders. Slow down and make space so you are seen in car mirrors.

Learn to anticipate driver actions and watch for cars that are indicating or slowing down as they approach a junction.

Scan the Road

Safe cyclists and drivers are constantly scanning the road for potential hazards.

Scanning is not just looking ahead and behind. Many crashes between bikes and cars involve a cyclist being hit from the side, so you need to scan for hazards to your left and right as well.

Learn the rules

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Rider safety with Anna Meares

Be seen

Ride defensively

As a bike rider you have the right to use roads, but with that right comes the responsibility to ride safely. It's important to ride your bike in a predicable manner. Avoid weaving in and out of parked cars. Always use clear hand signals when making turns. Making eye contact with motorists is a wise way to tell if a motorist is aware of your presence. Bike riders are more easily injured than car occupants in a crash. It is in your interest to make your presence known to keep safe.

Be a flasher

The human eye is instinctively attracted to movement. That’s why emergency vehicles have flashing lights- it gets them noticed.

Consider setting your front and rear bike lights to flash. The flashing attracts attention to your position on the road. Flashing lights are effective day and night.

Extra lights on your helmet [or clothing/backpack], and reflectors strips on your clothes, and backpack are a clever choice. These items are situated higher up on you and make you much more noticeable to motorists.

Ride bright

The majority of crashes between motorists and bike riders occur because the motorist didn't look for the bike rider.

One of the easiest ways to be seen is to wear light and bright visible clothing. Bright light, fluoro or hi-vis clothing with reflective straps and lights makes you much easier to spot and avoid.

Drive safe

Be bike aware

3 out of every 4 crashes between motorists and bike riders are deemed to be at the fault of the motorist. The most common crash reason given by motorists is that they simply did not look for the bike rider or misjudged their speed.

As drivers we need to be aware of bike riders on the road. When we are driving we need to check for a rider’s presence as we would other cars and pedestrians.

Safety, even when stopped

When your car has stopped you still need to look out for cyclists. If you're parked on the side of a street always check your side mirrors and look behind you before opening a door. Bike riders will be travelling in the bike lane or next to parked cars.

Riders in pairs

Sometimes bike riders will travel two abreast on the road. This gives them greater size, making them more visible on the road and therefore safer. Riding abreast is done to protect bike riders and is legal.

Show patience when approaching riders two abreast on the road, and overtake only when safe. Leave a minimum of around one metre between yourself and the riders when passing.

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