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"In a motorcycle crash, the road surface can instantly tear your clothing to shreds and leave your body exposed to crippling injuries. Wearing the right protective clothing can make all the difference. Otherwise, you may as well be wearing nothing."

Campaign Objectives:

In 2009 MAC launched the first South Australian road safety campaign specific to motorcyclists. 

The target audience for the campaign was male motorcyclists in the age ranges 20-34 and 35-45.

MAC used the following campaign elements to advertise; television, press, bathroom advertiging (regionally), oneline and A2 flyers.

The primary key message was:

‘Gear Up’ – if you’re not wearing the right gear you might as well be wearing nothing

Campaign Objectives:

Awareness: Meet or exceed campaign awareness benchmarks, based on historical campaign data, as identified through the campaign planning process by Colmar Brunton.

Behavioural: Improve attitudes and self reported incidents of:

  • Increased incidents of wearing full safety gear at all times
  • Sticking to the legal speed limit
  • Reducing speeding/dangerous riding, particularly on weekend or leisure rides
  • Increased vigilance and awareness of roadside hazards

Campaign Results:

The Gear Up component of the motorcycle campaign was successful in reaching its intended target audience, demonstrated by its high awareness levels.

The campaign was able to broaden the definition of ‘full safety gear’ and improve attitudes toward rider vulnerability.

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