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Staying Safe When Country Driving

What are the main differences between driving in the city and driving in the country?

This quick comparison highlights what to watch out for, no matter where you are.


Help is usually close by.

Emergency services may take a long time to arrive, especially if you are some distance from a major centre

Other cars, houses, shops, and signs provide constant visual stimuli.

Irregular visual stimuli mean you have no reference points to judge distance or speed.

Your stopping distance is 32 metres if you’re travelling at 60km per hour.

At 110 km per hour, your stopping distance jumps to 92 metres.

Broken Down?

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere at night is scary and can be dangerous. If you find yourself in that situation, follow these steps to keep yourself safe while you wait for assistance.

  • Turn your hazard lights on.

  • Get the vehicle as far off the road as possible.

  • Stay out of the vehicle and far away from the road.

  • If you need to stay in the vehicle due to safety or weather conditions, sit on the passenger side with your seatbelt on.

  • If you have warning reflective signs, put them out for other motorists. Be as visible as you can be. 

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