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Focus On Your Drive.

‘Focus on your drive’ campaign educates both basketball players and spectators by associating the attention required on the court to the attention required whilst driving. MAC aims to use this message to change unsafe behaviours sounding inattention with key messages highlighting the following distractions:

  • Visual distractions - within and outside of the car
  • Auditory distractions - such as music, others speaking, children crying
  • Physical distractions - such as using a mobile phone, eating or grooming
  • Cognitive distractions - that keep your mind of driving.

Branding and Media

Basketball SA currently operates 6 basketball stadiums in metropolitan Adelaide. MAC delivers road safety messages across all 6 stadiums, reaching 425,000 people. MAC utilises uses this opportunity to promote the ‘Focus on your drive’ campaign.

MAC has a strong visual presence across all MAC Adelaide Lighting assets. MAC branding is displayed on team uniforms, websites, social media channels and with on court activations. MAC also has access to Basketball SA’s online database and are able to filter and deliver age appropriate messaging.  

Community Engagement Programs

MAC Adelaide Lightning engages the community with a structured engagement program. Players travel with Basketball SA Development Officers and conduct programs to both schools and basketball associations state-wide.

MAC Adelaide Lightning players deliver suitable road safety messages during the engagement programs. Each safety message is constructed to address the age and the demographic of audience members.

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