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Motorcycle Riders Association (MRASA)

Gear Up:

The ‘Gear Up’ campaign uses consecutive world champion Mick Doohan to educate motorcyclists on the road safety. Mick Doohan explains the dangers of wearing everyday clothing whilst riding a motorcycle. The campaign message aims to educate riders on how they can protect themselves by wearing appropriate clothing.

“In a motorcycle crash, it takes as little as half a second for the road surface to tear your clothing to shreds and leave your body exposed  to crippling injuries. Even a pair of denim jeans will disintegrate in just 0.6 of a second. Pants designed for riding will save your skin for around 3.5 seconds. Put simply, wearing the right safety gear can make all the difference between walking away from a crash or never riding again. So no matter where you ride, no matter what the speed, always make sure you gear up in the right jacket, helmet, boots, gloves and shoes. Otherwise you may as well be wearing nothing.” Mick Doohan. 

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