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Pedestrian Statistics: 

Pedestrian fatalities halved from 18 in 2015, to 9 in 2016 and is also 40% fewer than the previous 5 year average 2011-2015.

Pedestrian serious injuries increased from 50 in 2015, to 65 in 2016, but is still below the previous 5 year average of 71 (2011-2015).

Pedestrians are at a greater risk of death and injury if hit at impact speeds above 30km/h, with the most vulnerable being children and older people if hit above those impact speeds.

Pedestrians are the most exposed in busy areas, representing almost 1 in 6 serious casualties on metropolitan roads.

South Australian Laws: 

Under the Road Traffic Act 1961 and the Australian Road Rules a number of offences exist in relation to walking without regard to other road users or without regard to safety. It is an offence to walk without reasonable consideration for other road users

Under the Australian Road Rules: 

- It is an offence for a pedestrian to cross a road diagonally unless at an intersection where this is allowed.

- A pedestrian must cross a road by the shortest safest route and they can only cross when the pedestrian lights are green.

 A pedestrian must not cross a road within 20 metres of a crossing on the road, except at the crossing or another crossing.

Drivers should be aware of the Road Rules relating to pedestrians particularly when it is necessary to give way to pedestrians when turning or when driving in or out of road related areas and private property.

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