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Young Driver Statistics:  

Young road user serious injuries did not improve in 2018 (117 serious injuries, up from 109 serious injuries in 2017). The number increased for both 16-19 and 20-24 year olds.

The number of young road user fatalities decreased from 15 fatalities in 2016 to (20 fatalities) in 2017.

16- 24 year olds are involved in more casualty crashes than any other driver age group. This age group represented 21% of all fatalities and 19% of serious injuries on South Australian roads in 2018.

Upon gaining a P licence and beginning to drive unsupervised, the percentage of young drivers involved in crashes increases more than 10 times.

Lack of experience, night-time driving and the presence of peer-aged passengers all contribute to an increased crash risk.

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