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Young Driver Statistics:  

  • While there has been a reduction in the volume of young fatalities, young people are still overrepresented in serious injuries and fatalities on South Australian roads:
  •  This age group make up 12% of the total population in South Australia but accounted for 15% of all fatalities and 23% of all serious injuries. 
  • 16- 24 year olds are involved in more casualty crashes than any other driver age group. 
  • Upon gaining a P licence and beginning to drive unsupervised, the percentage of young drivers involved in crashes increases around eleven times.
  •  Lack of experience, night-time driving and the presence of peer-aged passengers all contribute to an increased crash risk.
  •  70% of young driver/rider fatalities aged 16 to 24 are males and 81% of these drivers were responsible for the fatal crash

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